Did I mention we love our photographer?

I feel like the luckiest bride in Seattle: the wonderful Kristen Honeycutt will be preserving our special day ala photographs. When we were first engaged, we both instantly gravitated towards selecting a photographer. That was at the top of my list...and the top of BT's (Trevor - it's a nickname...and a bit of a story...so we'll save that.) list too. Why did photography top our lists? We love photos. When we're old, grey, sitting in rocking chairs on the front porch of some fabulous vacation home out by The Gorge - we'll have two things

  1. Our Memories. (Unless, of course, we grow forgetful with age...)
  2. Our Photographs. (Unless, God Forbid, something horrible like a flood or fire happens, but then again...we live in the digital age. Back-up, baby.)
There were tons of things that we discussed while looking at different photographers. What's the style we're going for? How long have they been in the business? Why are they in the business? Meet with them... What's the chemistry like? [I know this sounds silly but...] Who is their favorite band? What kinds of movies do they like? What kind of packages do they offer? Will they customize something for us? Do they write up a fair offer and/or contract? What are their terms for the whole payment/deposit part? The list can go on and on and on and on.....
  • Have you shot a wedding at my location before?
  • Do you have an assistant?
  • Do you have backup equipment and is it the same quality as the primary equipment?
  • What time will you begin and how long will you stay until?
  • When will the proofs be ready?
  • Do we get to keep the proofs?
  • Do you mark your proofs?
  • Where and how are your proofs marked?
  • How much extra for unmarked proofs?
  • Do we get to keep our negatives?
  • How long do you keep the negatives and will you sell them to us?
  • Do you use high speed film to expose natural light?
  • Do you have tele-photo and wide-angle lenses?
  • Do you work well with the other vendors? i.e.: coordinators, caterers, videographers.
  • Can you work from a photo checklist that we create?
  • How will you be dressed?
  • Do you process and develop your own film and prints?
So, back to Kristen. Just have a peep at her blog...she's amazing. There are a few choice reasons that we went with Kristen. She's local - she lives in Bothell. So do we! "For a day or a lifetime..." She knows the area. She went to school with my co-worker's wife and she shot their engagement photos. He had only nice things to say about Kristen...and the photos spoke for themselves. She's amazing. She's a true talent. I feel so lucky to be working with her.

The icing on the cake? She's a fan of Dave Matthews Band.



Plus Kristen takes the most UH-MAZE-ING baby, toddler, and family portraits. I have a feeling that we'll be see a lot of Kristen over the years. :) I think we've found our girl! So, our photographer was our first official booked vendor. Venue? Check? Cupcakes? Check. DIY To-Do List? Check. [DIY Projects? Uhhhhh....they're WIP's...] Coordinator? Check. Music? Check. Hair? Check. Dress? Almost!!! :)

Please check out the ever-so-lovely Kristen Honeycutt. You will be impressed. What was one of the items that topped your list?