Q) So...How exactly did you two meet?

A) Well...That's an interesting story...

Trevor and Eva met in early 2006. Trevor was living with one of Eva's best girlfriends (and Matron of Honor), Tessa Bear, and her fiance, Tyler Harp. The first meeting didn't go too good. While Tyler and Trevor were playing poker at Highway 9 Casino, Tessa and Eva were playing up at the Tulalip Casino. The girls finished up early, and on their way home they stopped at HWY 9.

...And then Trevor and Eva met. She thought he was loud, obnoxious, and annoying. He thought that she was overbearing, bossy, and cold.

Jump forward the beginning of August 2006...

Eva and Tessa went out for drinks and dancing at McCabes American Music Cafe.

Q) So...How exactly did you two meet?

They were having a girls night... Tessa kept telling Eva that Trevor was asking about her. Tyler kept telling Trevor that Eva thought he was cute. Obviously, Tessa and Tyler were up to something...matchmaking, perhaps? ;)

As the night continued on, Eva and Tessa continued to have a good time. They had such a good time that they decided it would be best to call "the boys" for a ride home. The girls called the boys, and the boys played hard to get. Eva asked to talk to Trevor. She teased him with a dance at McCabes before everyone left to head home...

...the boys decided to save the day.

Trevor and Eva stayed up all night - talking, laughing, telling stories. Eva woke up the next morning - Trevor had set up a bed for her and cared for her.

The following Monday morning, Eva woke up to a text message from a phone number she didn't recognize. The text read, "Good Morning Sweetie."

...and, as they say, the rest is history.