Ohhhh....Happy Friday! While I might be suffering from a lack of sleep due to my horrible cough, there's a little something that made me smile today. The Paloma's Nest custom ring bearer bowl that I ordered a couple of weeks ago has been finished and is in the mail. I have a tracking number and everything. I am so excited.

Also, last night I also ordered our custom hand held embosser and stamp with this image on each of them:

It's our basic monogram that my awesome co-worker and dear friend, Sigrid, created for me as part of my wedding gift. She's so kind. (I love you Sigrid!!! I really do!) If you would like to have a monogram of your own, check out Sigrid's & Holly Williams' company: Marry Monograms. They've also extended their company to make baby monograms and other special occasion monograms. Genius, if you ask me.

Check out these other versions of the monogram that I will be using to create stickers and other things for the big day:

I also received the shipping information for our custom stamp this morning. I'm super excited because we ordered the stamp and embosser without the wedding date so that we can continue to use them after we're married!

Ahhhh....happy day. :)


Current Obsession: Hangers.....Really?!?

I know. Hangers. What am I thinking?! Maybe it's because of photos like these:

Dress: Margot by Michelle Roth
Bride: snmcdowell on Wedding Bee

Dress: Pronovias
Bride: Mrs. Petunia on Wedding Bee
Dress: Oleg Cassini

Just look at the gorgeous dresses...on hangers. You always look at the hanger. Well... I know I always look at the hanger.

Is it padded? Is it made of wood? Is it customized in some way? Is it one of those department store style hangers?

Maybe I'm crazy.

I don't know.

But....I know that there are other women out there that feel the same way that I do about the hanger.

Just look at these:
Here's the photo "HOW TO":
Source: Unknown.
Please help! I saved these on my computer eons ago.

*click to enlarge - it's worth it*
April Foster Events

Bride: MrsGG on Project Wedding
Photographer: Jonilyn Photography


Another item.......added to the list.



family portrait - triciamary via jpgmag

One of the most beautiful images...

...I have..



Catching up....

....is how I spent Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I am bummed that's how I had to spend my time. But it was necessary to get better.

One positive thing about being sick in bed for four days? I made an awesome list of all of the blog posts I'd like to do. :)


Reception: Tables

I've been seeing a ton of beautiful weddings with long, rectangular tables with family-style seating lately. And.... I am in love. I emailed Judy Craven at our venue, Craven Farm, to see which table style would make the best use of the space. I hope they say "rectangular." That would make my heart pitter-patter.

Just look at these:
Source: Unknown...help!

That is all.

Thank you.


Melting: Paloma's Nest Ringer Bearer Bowl

This morning I finally broke and ordered the Paloma's Nest custom ring bearer bowl that I have been eying for months. I am in love. It's simple. It's perfect.

We ordered the most simple of all of the different options available at Paloma's Nest on Etsy.

We decided to go for the basic custom bowl. It will read:


Lyrics from our song by Dave Matthews Band. Super excited.

Also: Went with Jodi and Lynnae to pick out their bridesmaid dresses. They both went with dresses from my last post! They'll all look so darn darling. I love my girls!!!


Vintage 1920s French Veiling What?!??

Today Tessa, Holly, and I went to look at bridesmaid dresses. We had already found their dresses, but wanted to make sure that they had them at the shop where everyone will be ordering their dresses. (Since we're doing different dresses, but same fabric, they need to come from the same dye lot or they'll look "off...") Sure enough, they had the dresses. Measured. Done. Deal.

Holly is wearing above dress just how looks in the photo. Tessa is having the dress altered to be strapless. Both versions are absolutely darling and they'll both look and feel gorgeous. Mission accomplished.

I thought this type of style would look amazing...
This is kinda cute....
This is absolutely adorable...
I bet Lucy would look AWESOME in this.
Another cute one. So many choices!!!

Dresses: All
Bill Levkoff

Holly had a special dinner date (introducing the new boyfriend to the parents!!!) so she had to go... Tessa and I decided to go on the hunt for vintage veiling to make a birdcage veil.

And then we found it. A shop with vintage veiling. I just about died.

Vintage 1920s French Veiling......What?!?? I found the most amazing veiling to make my birdcage veil.

I am a happy girl today.