Ohhhh....Happy Friday! While I might be suffering from a lack of sleep due to my horrible cough, there's a little something that made me smile today. The Paloma's Nest custom ring bearer bowl that I ordered a couple of weeks ago has been finished and is in the mail. I have a tracking number and everything. I am so excited.

Also, last night I also ordered our custom hand held embosser and stamp with this image on each of them:

It's our basic monogram that my awesome co-worker and dear friend, Sigrid, created for me as part of my wedding gift. She's so kind. (I love you Sigrid!!! I really do!) If you would like to have a monogram of your own, check out Sigrid's & Holly Williams' company: Marry Monograms. They've also extended their company to make baby monograms and other special occasion monograms. Genius, if you ask me.

Check out these other versions of the monogram that I will be using to create stickers and other things for the big day:

I also received the shipping information for our custom stamp this morning. I'm super excited because we ordered the stamp and embosser without the wedding date so that we can continue to use them after we're married!

Ahhhh....happy day. :)