I am horrible.

Yup. I am horrible. I haven't been posting. I've been around....stalking blogs in my reader. But, I've been bad. Even Trevor asked me, "What about Grace? Why haven't you been hiding out in the wedding-room working on your blog thingy and wedding stuff?"

I have plenty of reasons... life, work, wedding projects, family outings, dinners, happy hours, cleaning, laundry, blah, blah, blah. But, I should really make time for this blog. I love writing and I love swapping ideas.

So here I am. I am making a commitment. Let's see if I can do one post per day, Monday through Friday, for the rest of the year. It'll be a challenge, what with the holidays approaching so quickly and everything... but I'm up for it. (This post doesn't count.) This means I'll be writing about 40 new posts before the year is over.

Quick updates on things:
  • Officially booked our caterer, Smoke a Fat One BBQ. They just got back from the Jack Daniels BBQ competition in Tennessee. If you know BBQ, you know that even going to the Jack Daniels competition is a HUGE accomplishment. Out of 80 international teams, Smoke a Fat One earned 11th place. Their brisket won 5th place overall. Our guests will be craving this BBQ for YEARS after the wedding.
  • Met with Erin and Kristi (old High School girls!) of Lindeman Weddings and Events to talk WEDDING!!! So much fun. I love these girls, and I am so excited to be working with them over the next (GASP!) 8 months! We talked linens, life, flowers, work, details, men... I think we sat and talked over two hours. Yes - we weaved in and out of wedding talk, but that's okay. So in love with these girls!
  • Trevor and I finalized our guest list and budget. It was a daunting task, and I am sure there will still be revisions. But this is the closest I have ever felt to it being "done."
  • I am falling in love with Super 8mm Film. I hope that my dad (who works in the videography biz) has friends that work with this awesome medium! My heart melts every time I see a video featured in a blog...
So...that's it for this morning. I will post something else by end of the day. Because I made a promise. :)