Peanut Petunia, You're a Sweetheart!

Peanut Petunia is pretty much awesome. (I think I've said this before...) And now she's a little more awesome in my book (is that even possible?) because she's given me "The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award."

So the deal is, I tell you 10 interesting things about myself and pass the award on to 10 other bloggers.
  1. At work we pass around an "Action Figure Jesus", complete with packaging. (click here to see...he comes complete with "poseable arms and gliding action!") If it's your birthday, you get Jesus. I've had Jesus for a few weeks since my birthday was last month. Ever since I've had Jesus in my life, good things have been happening. I get to give Jesus to my cube-mate next week because it's HIS birthday. Thank goodness we have a double wide cubicle, because that means I still kinda have Jesus.
  2. I don't like to use the restroom on the same floor that my co-workers use the restroom. I go down a floor. What? I'm weird like that. Shh!
  3. I had the best sandwich of my life at a hole in the wall this past Saturday in Tacoma called Magical Sandwich Makers. It was truly magical.
  4. I've decided that I love having an old-school planner. I've had too many issues with technology. Don't get me wrong, I loooooooovvvveeee my Outlook Calendar, but it's always nice having stuff on paper. I recently purchased this awesome planner from "My Lavender Cottage" and I love it.
  5. I am a sucker for Choral Christmas Music and a Capella ANYTHING.
  6. I have a bobble-head Ingemar IKEA dude on my desk at work.
  7. Embarrassing fact: when I am driving home with my iPod on shuffle and a sappy love song comes on...I imagine what part of our wedding the song would be appropriate for. I usually end up tearing up. I am a sucker.
  8. I found my last roommate on Craigslist. She's now one of my best friends and she's in our bridal party! Her amazing husband is super close with my fiance...and their little baby will be our ring bearer! He took his first steps last week!!!
  9. I like the way my hair smells. It must be my shampoo.
  10. I have a little container on my desk with Zipfizz. It used to be full. Someone has been stealing my Zipfizz. Not cool.
...and the award goes to....
p.s. Peanut Petunia has an awesome contest right now. Click here and enter to win a galvanized key cabinet from Pottery Barn.