I am so flippin honored. :)

Miss Mojito is one of the coolest girls that I have had the pleasure of "meeting" since starting ...and what about Grace?

And look what she posted on her blog, With this Ring, I thee Blog. today! :)

Click here to see the full post.
(Note: we must be long lost sisters. I used the same font in my header.)

A full post featuring yours truly. Seriously Girl? Wow. Thank you so much. Wow. Mark this moment in time people - because I am officially at a loss for words. How cool is this feature!?!?!?

Miss Mojito authors one of the most kick-ass blogs online right now. She says:
Just another girl sharing her journey from maid to matron. I've learned so much from other girls on their wedding blogs I hope I can help another bride as well! So grab a mojito, sit back, and hear the tale of Miss Mojito's journey to being a Mrs.
You gotta love a girl that encourages drinking and blogging, I do the same. (Wine, anyone?) She's gorgeous, her h2b (hubby-to-be) is adorable, and I love her style. Just look at how cute these two are! (I think this photo was taken right after Mr. Mojito proposed....)

Miss Mojito's Personal Photo

Thank you so much for the special feature Miss Mojito. You inspire me.