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I was explaining "bride-brain" to one of my coworkers this morning. He was dumbfounded. Here's how it went, all via email:
  • Coworker: "DIVA!!! [side note: that is my work nickname. yeah....] Make your picks! There's a Thursday game tonight!"
  • Me: "DOH!!!! I thought I made them already. I'll get right on it. Damn bride-brain."
  • Coworker: "Bride-Brain? Really?"
  • Me: "Yes, really. I have bride-brain. It’s not uncommon amongst young ladies planning weddings…"
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I googled bride brain and stumbled across this website with a list of terms for wedding-related things. Some of the terms were reasonable:
  • Bridezilla....we've all heard that one....
  • Manscaping...
  • Groomzilla...
  • Wedsites...
....and then there were some terms that I hadn't heard before, but I totally get:
  • Bridesmare - Rogue bridesmaids who are clearly there for the halo not the hard work. Soon after accepting the role of BM, they lose all resemblance to your childhood bestie, sister etc and become... the bridesmare! Commonly seen sighing and rolling their eyes at every request for help, rejecting every dress on the grounds of colour and/or style, and insisting on wearing higher, sparklier shoes than their fellow wedding party members.
  • RSVPeeved - Legitimate, panic-tinged feelings of annoyance at your friends and family's apparent inability to find a mailbox in order to RSVP in the appropriate manner to your wedding or engagement party invitation. And no, phoning or texting in the acceptance doesn't help...
  • Fudget - Your frequently tweaked big day budget which features some very creative accounting techniques (including rounding figures WAY down failing to replace the projected cost of an item with the actual spend). If necessary, the Fudget can be blamed on Bridal Brain and should be considered an entirely necessary planning tool in the prevention of panic-related pre-nuptial meltdowns.
I don't know. Just thinkin'.