Mission: Pearls and Fragrance


This past Sunday my Mama and I went out on a mission.

  1. Put together Christmas care package for my brother who is currently living and working in South Korea teaching English to elementary aged children. You can check out his blog here. He's a great writer and tells wonderful stories. He spent 2008-2009 in Germany as a Fulbright Scholar doing similar work. This time, however, he's getting paid.
  2. Put together Christmas care package for my Oma (my Mom's Mother - my Grandmother) who lives in Germany. She's a sweet woman! So funny - definitely a clever sense of humor too. :)
  3. Research pearls at all the stores in the mall. Who has the best deal? Who has the nicest pearls? Who has the nicest clasps? (The clasps were/are very important to me. I would like nice pearls with nice clasps on the necklace and bracelet...I would like these gifts to last!) Who might have sales on Black Friday? Who will discount for a large quantity purchase? (Is that even a reasonable question?) For those of you ladies who read the blog - yes...yes...you're getting beautiful jewelry for the wedding. Surprise! So don't go out and buy something fancy, because I've got you covered. AND - don't be feeling like I just screwed you out of a gift that had an element of "surprise!"....there will be surprise-esqe things coming your way closer to the wedding. :)
  4. Go to Nordstrom and find the perfect fragrance for the wedding day. I know this might sound premature....but I was thinking that it could be a Christmas Gift. I'll update you on this shortly...
So we put together my brother's care package....FYI: I just typed out the entire contents of the care package just to realize that he often reads my blog so that he can "participate" in the wedding planning process even though he is on the other side of the world. We're best friends. I love him for showing interest in my girliest of girly times in my life - during the wedding planning process. (I've always been a "guy's girl"...)

Anyway. Russ? Check.

We put together Oma's package....

Now on to the pearls. Oh....you pearls. You're beautiful. I quickly learned two big things...

Lesson #1: Gold is worth a ton of money right now (DUH.) so any pearl necklaces/earrings/bracelets with gold clasps/posts will be more expensive than silver. Fabulous. Typical. Because guess what?!? I wanted gold. With the girls wearing dresses in the most fabulous of chocolaty brown fabrics - gold would be so warm and wonderful.

Lesson #2: Lesson number two? Always look at the clasp. I found a gorgeous set of real pearls at Macy's that were a very reasonable price - $100 before any discounts...they were 50% off and then an additional %15 off if you used a Macy's card. Great deal!!! I wanted to see what the pearls looked like against my skin, so I reached for the clasp. Oh....the clasp. It was a pain to use, it felt cheaper in quality, it was just...not what I wanted. Two cases over there were gorgeous pearl necklaces and bracelets, all priced well into the hundreds and some into the thousands of dollars. Those clasps....there is a noticeable difference that doesn't even need describing. If you don't see the difference in quality - there's no help for you. Beware. The spring ring clasp. Yes - there are some good ones like this out there. But look at this fancy schmancy one comin' up....

Gold Filigree Clasps. Some are simple. Some are decorative. I think they're a fun unique touch, a little vintage... and pretty. So there you go.

I came home and did some searching online. These were the top options that I found online, and I think I have made my decision.
My final lesson on my mission for the perfect pearls? Go to stores and see pearls in person. Figure out what you like and what you don't like. Learn the names of the colors. Touch and use the clasps. Then - go home and find a deal! (...and be sure to pay attention to the website's return policy and read customer reviews!) I'll post photos of the pearls when they arrive. :)

Finally - the search for the perfect bridal fragrance. My wedding planner friend, and day-of-coordinator, Erin Lindeman of Lindeman Weddngs and Events posted something about the fragrance that she wore on the day of her wedding in her Facebook status update the other day...

...and I haven't stopped thinking about it since. I would really like to find the perfect scent for our wedding day. Something special. Something that, when we're older, brings back the memories and sentiments of the day we were married.... This is what I told Tatiana, the wonderful woman in the fragrance department at Nordstrom. She had the most fabulous accent....and it was my description of the style (note: style not scent) I was looking for. After we discussed things, Tatiana guided me to the following scents:
...and then finally....
Quelques Fleurs Vaporisateur
Launched by the design house of Houbigant in 1912, QUELQUES FLEURS by Houbigant is classified as a flowery fragrance for women. This feminine scent posesses a blend of: many soft, sensual florals, the original, popular fragrance for women. It is recommended for evening wear. Houbigant de Paris was founded in France in 1775 and it is the only French Perfume maker with almost 230 years of historic artistry in perfume making.

Oh! So fancy! No really, in all seriousness - there was something about this scent. It's classic. It's light. When it touched my warm skin - it worked with my body temperature. It. Was. Perfect.

My Mama mentioned that this might be the perfect bridal shower gift. I smiled, said "Great idea!" and we just continued on our shopping trip...