Thanksgiving & Apple Cup

I've been a bad girl. No posts over the long weekend... but I took photos of activities and projects because I knew that I would want to post! :) Thanksgiving was crazy busy for Trev and I. We woke up at 7am for the Turkey Bowl. Yes, ladies, that's right. A game of football on the morning after Seattle got TONS of rain...in a brand new sports field...that was basically all puddles.

While the boys played football: The wives, Little Grace, and I hung out on the sideline:

I was completely entertained on this rainy Thanksgiving morning though...because one of the wives brought her adorable son! Before he could talk, this little boy would sign for things....just like the kid in Meet the Parents/Fockers. Now he can talk, and he's as sweet as pie!

Even Little Grace loved him: ...and then they were done: After football, Trev and I drove across the valley to his parent's place. (His parents live up on that hill in the background of the photo - beautiful views!!!) I failed to take photos the rest of Thanksgiving day... But we managed to spend time with Trev's family and my family. I was exhausted by the end of the day.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving was the Apple Cup!!! A little history (thanks Wikipedia!):
The Apple Cup is the annual college football rivalry game between the two largest universities in the U.S. state of Washington; the University of Washington (UW) Huskies and the Washington State University (WSU) Cougars. It is traditionally the final game of the regular season and takes place on the Saturday preceding Thanksgiving at Husky Stadium in Seattle during odd years, and WSU's Martin Stadium in Pullman during even years.

I made all of Trev's favorite football food:
His 2009 Apple Cup menu consisted of:
  1. Delicious tortilla chips and fresh pico de gallo
  2. Pigs in a blanket (one of his faves, and a special request...)
  3. Little smokes wrapped in bacon then dredged through brown sugar and baked...YUM!!!
  4. Shrimp cocktail with cream cheese and crackers
  5. Christmas cookie tray (it was on sale! I couldn't resist...)
  6. Cheese, meat, and crackers
  7. Hawaiian BBQ Chips
The man was happy. All the boys were happy. :) So, how did Apple Cup 2009 turn out? Well...just watch this and find out!

Trev and I ended Apple Cup 2009 with big smiles on our faces!!!