Painting Pottery & Laughing...

My Maid of Honor, Holly, celebrated her 26th Birthday this past Saturday. I've been friends with Holls forever....

A little snippit from our wedding website:

Holly and Eva met in 7th grade on the school bus to Junior High. Their friendship grew slightly as they learned that Tessa was friends with both of them...and their friendship really kicked into gear when they both got their first jobs at Cinnabon. That's right folks...Holly and Eva worked at Cinnabon. There were plenty of talks, while sitting on icing bins reading gossip mags and eating chips, between the two of the girls. All of the "important talks". Holly and Eva are like Lucy and Ethel. Watch out. ;)
When I asked Holls what she wanted to do for her birthday this year...she simply said, "I want to paint pottery and laugh." And that's what we did.

During the day, Holly, her sister-in-law, Mama, and I went and painted pottery:


Holly and her SIL

Holly's Mama


I decided to paint a cakestand to use...

I'll post pics of the finished product next week!

Santa Came to visit

Later that night, Holly, Darren (her boyfriend), Trev, and I went Parlor Live in Bellevue for some comedy... I laughed so hard my face hurt.
Happy Birthday Holls! I love you!!!