Current Obsession: Cake Stands

I guess this isn't a new obsession. I started collecting cake stands when I was in college. There's just something about a pretty dessert displayed delicately on a vintage looking cake stand. Trevor and I have decided that we're doing cupcakes for our wedding. We're both not fan of cakes...and have RARELY actually enjoyed wedding cake at weddings. We love cupcakes. And we happen to live in a city with a plethora of cupcake boutiques.

I was lucky enough to go to a recent wedding out at the same venue that we'll be getting married at. Guess what? They had cupcakes. (Hmm....trend?) I wanted to have one. I needed to have one. There was only one problem - they had the cupcakes elegantly displayed on a giant tiered stand right by the dance floor. Center stage. The main attraction. With my luck, my "healthy-buzz" from the fabulous micro-brew(ssssssss) would play a trick on me and I would end up on the floor covered in hundreds of delicious cupcakes. I ended up avoiding the daunting cupcake stand all night.

So, I've come up with [what I think is] a fabulous idea...
...Each table will be decorated with a fabulous market-style floral centerpiece in some sort of fun container (watering can, mason jar, basket...anything charming...)...there will also be some candles...and to top everything off:


Each table will have it's own cake stand with mini cupcakes. No waiting in line. No waiting to cut the cake. No fear of "I'm going in to grab one cupcake...wait...maybe not...I'll end up wearing the entire display." None of that.

Eat. Eat them all. Enjoy the cupcakes my pretties. Another bonus? Have as many as you want, only the people at your table will know. There's no going back to the giant stand of cupcakes in front of EVERYONE for seconds, thirds, fourths... Just reach across the table and grab one off your cute little stand.

Another plus to this idea? I get to collect more cake stands. Yessssssss.

Ahhhh...cake stands. I love you.