So....what is this all about?

I work too much. I work a full time job at a local radio station. I work a full time job (at home) planning a wedding. My obsessive compulsive disorder tricks me into also working full time as a housekeeper... housewife... personal chef... baker... "Martha"... craft-project-guru... dog-walking machine... whatever.

...the only problem is: I love everything I do, I just happen to exhaust myself with projects.

So, why not blog about it? Whine about my stresses to the world-wide-interwebs...Shout with joy after completing a successful DIY project....Obsessively pick apart my post-it twelve month to-do list with "his tasks", "her tasks", "our tasks", and "just get it done" color-coded wedding planning board.

Yeah. That's me. Over organized, double checking, re-confirming Eva. Enjoy.