Darling Seating Area

One thing that is really important to Trevor and I is to create little pods of seating areas at the wedding reception. We want to create an environment that is friendly to conversation. An open, inviting, party layout. Not too long ago I clipped a fabulous photo of a wine barrel and hay seating area out of some random wedding magazine. The event planner used halved wine barrels and put beveled edge clear glass to create a top. Next they put little mason jars on the table with small floral arrangements. Guests sat on bails of hay that had cushy padding on top with a huge piece of canvas affixed with a strip of leather.

It was simple, charming, inviting - and practically
begging for a few people to sit down and chat over a glass of wine. Exactly what we're looking for. Maybe one of these days I'll scan the original inspiration photo...until then you'll have to close your eyes and imagine....

My Mom and I bought three wine barrels at McLendon Hardware over Memorial Day Weekend. They were on clearance - a total steal. (Around $20 a pop.) I figure we can use these babies as planters after the wedding. Since Memorial Day Weekend, I've been on the prowl for bevleed edge glass on Craigslist, but haven't been successful. Then I realized - IKEA probably has something I could use for this project. I found the perfect sized mirrors at IKEA for $19 each. I think that's a fair price.

The IKEA mirrors are gorgeous, but they look too shiny and new for the farm. I found a product called "Antique Mirror Patina Solution" online. This stuff is suppsed to simulate the look of tarnish and distress from an old, antique mirror on a new mirror. The process seems pretty darn complex, I sense this will be a day-long project with a girlfriend or two over a bottle of wine or 6-pack of Hef. This stuff seems a little spendy, so I am going to go to Home Depot to see if there's some other sort of chemical I can rub these babies down with that will help me achieve a similar affect.

There are a few different methods for antiquing the mirrors:
  1. Pour: This is a very spotty look.
  2. Spray: A more subtle, overall antiquing.
  3. Wipe (my personal fave!): Looks just plain old, old. Perfection!
You can But look at how gorgeous this new mirror looks after the "Antique Mirror Patina Solution" wipe-treatment!!!

I plan on purchasing about 6-7 bails of hay to create seats. We'll create a full bench out of four bails for one side of the wine barrel tables (against the wall) and then we'll put three bails in front of the tables. Here's an idea of how the hay will look with padding, canvas, and leather ties.

Who knows? Our little seating area might just be a huge hit!

Are you adding any fun details to your wedding that are a little ouside the norm?