Wedding...and Summer BBQ

Trevor and I are pretty casual people. We're the kind of people that would choose a BBQ with a keg and 20 of our closest friends over dinner at a fancy restaurant with another couple.

Which brings me to our idea for catering. BBQ. When we met with our venue, Craven Farm (which I will introduce in a fastly approaching blog post...), the owner, Mark, provided us with a list of vendors that he's worked with in recent years. One BBQ company caught our eye:

They don't have a restaurant...they just participate in BBQ competitions and cater events. I called last year and spoke with one of the owners. She said that she'd give us a call during "competition season" and let us know when and where we can fill a cooler with a hefty sampling of their delicious BBQ delights.

Sure enough, last month, I received the call. Next Saturday, before we head to Monore, Washington for a family friend's wedding...we'll be on Alki Beach in West Seattle filling our tummies and a cooler with some of Seattle's finest BBQ.

I can't wait. Doesn't this look like a BBQ outfit that you should sample?
I think that this is the part of the wedding planning that Trevor is looking forward to the most. What part of your upcoming wedding is your counterpart taking ownership of?