The one thing that I can't stop thinking about....

...is the dress. We found it. THE dress. The dress that I will be rocking the day I marry my very best friend. The dress. It's happened. And it's wonderful. I have promised to post photos of the dress, but I will not post photos of yours truly in the dress. I need to leave SOME element of surprise for the big day!

Trevor, my love, once again... If you are snooping around, I would highly recommend that you end your journey here. :)

Oh - this dress. It kills me. I might die. Okay, I die. It's gorgeous. It's nothing like I originally imagined, it's better.

My Mother, Matron of Honor (Tessa), Maid of Honor (Holly), and I went dress shopping two weeks ago. We weren't planning on buying anything, we just wanted to see what looked good. Well, Tessa found a dress... It was sitting on a rack sandwitched between HER wedding gowns and one of my other Bridesmaids' wedding gowns. (Meant to be?)

I was "daydreamy" about it since we left the boutique two weeks ago. I kept thinking that it was the one. I did some searching online and found it at another boutique in Seattle. In order to make sure that all the women in the wedding had an opportunity to be a part of the shopping, I set up another appointment for this past weekend. I figure we'd try a bunch of new dresses and slip the dress I found a couple of weeks ago into the mix. (I mean, how many opportunities in my life will I have to try on gorgeous wedding gowns. Just this once.) This time I was joined by my mother, Tessa, Holly, Lynnae (Bridesmaid), Baby Aedan (Lynnae's little ladies man and our ring bearer), and Donna (Future Mother in Law - who I LOVE TO DEATH!!!).

I tried on dress after dress. Finally, it was time for the one my heart was already sold on. I stepped out of the dressing room and it was like everything slowed down for just a moment... Everyone knew: THIS was the dress. THE dress. Donna, my future Mother In-Law summed it up nicely by saying that she didn't think that I needed to try on any other dresses. This was the one.

I must warn you, the photos do not do the dress justice. We're adding a satin ribbon around the waist - it changes the look completely. We're also considering some severe alterations to bring it back to that 50's look I keep drooling over. :)

Click on the hemline photo for a close up....that hemline put this dress over the top.

Couple the dress with a birdcage veil for the ceremony and a flower for the reception? I think so.

Designer = Pronovias
Style No. = Rebecca

So, there she is. Isn't she lovely? I can't wait to post pictures next July (after the wedding) of me rocking that baby.

Post-wedding plans for the dress? I would love to have it re-purposed and made into a quilt for our first born.

Do you have any plans for your wedding dress after your wedding day? Will you preserve it? Will you sell it? Will you re-purpose it? Do tell.