Who is this "Grace" Character?

Grace. Grace Anne Rieb. Our dog. Our practice-baby. Our Jack Russell Terrorist. (Uhhh....Terrier. Whoops.) Call her what you like. She's absolutely adorable. Her name suits her - she's gentle, graceful... lovely. She's a cuddler. She loves her Mommy and Daddy. She loves to go on walks. She loves to chase flies. (It's HIGH-larious.)

Here is our little Grace when we first set up her home:
Little Grace learned to swim this summer. She loves it!
Little Grace is a Daddy's Girl:
But she loves her Mama too...
Little Grace has a boyfriend named Buster. Buster is my brother, Niko's, Jack Russell:
Little Grace loves her Uncle Russ! Check out his blog here:
Little Grace especially loves being outside:
Trevor randomly always asks me... "And what about Grace?" If we're going grocery shopping, he asks about Grace. If we're going the movies, he asks about Grace. If I am asking him to take out the garbage, he asks about Grace.

So, there you have it.

Do you have any special things like this with your significant other? Any funny quips that only the two of you really understand?