Inspired - Love......Finding Furniture.

Trevor and I have been doing lots of brainstorming for the wedding lately. I am loving it, because I love Trevor's ideas. When he gets excited about particular details, I smile. He's just wonderful. With that, Trevor and I have been brainstorming ideas for our e-session with the lovely Kristen Honeycutt....

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"Do you want to go to a park?"
"We could do Pike Place and...or....other noteworthy Seattle Spots since we have so many friends and family from out of town..."
"Nah...then we'd have to deal with parking and people..."
"HEY!!! What about going to the Puyallup [Fair]. Those pictures would be fun!"
(Side Note: Trevor worked the Walla Walla Onion Ring and Burger Stand at the Evergreen State Fair for a few years. He knew the carnies and worked with the carnies...and let's just be kind and say that he refuses to go on any fair/carnival rides. I, on the other hand, go on the rides and let my knowledge of the carnies and their behavior bump up the thrill-factor!)
"What about that walk we take Little Grace on?"
"What about Grace?" ::smiles::
"OHHHHHH!!!! I've got an awesome idea. So, I posted a series of pictures in my blog yesterday where a couple went out and found some old, funky, interesting, statement pieces of vintage furniture from Value Village or Craigslist. They put the furniture out in the middle of a field and took
pictures...it was awesome."

"Yeah - that sounds tight."

........and another decision was made. Or, at least, we have an idea to share with Kristen. I wonder what she'll think? We can make a picnic, sit outside, play with little grace...and arrange and re-arrange our funky furniture in the middle of a field. I am loving this furniture idea. Hmmm... I'm stoked because Trevor wants to hit up some of the local Value Villages to find a fun suit for a wedding that we're going to on Saturday. This means I can hunt for cake stands, funky jars, silver pieces for my succulents, Blue Ball Mason Jars, and funky retro furniture with fun lines. Current Inspiration: Current finds:
Found: On Craigslist
Status: Available, setting up meeting.

Found: On Craigslist
Status: Pending

Found: On Craigslist
Status: Contemplating
(Too expensive, need to negotiate.)

*Imagine with a different shade...*
Found: On Craigslist
Status: Contemplating

Found: On Craigslist
Status: Contemplating

LIGHTBULB!!! I bet I could find some awesome stuff thrifting.....