Fabulous Finds

Late last week I had an itch. I wanted to go thrifting so badly. Over the past year, I have been adding items to a thrifting list. We're paying for our wedding (with gifts of items/money here and there) all by ourselves. I am an extroverted, creative, crafty gal and the thought of challenging myself to plan a wedding ceremony and throw a fabulously designed reception on a tight budget was intriguing. So - back to what I was saying...Late last week I had an itch. I wanted to go thrifting so badly. I've been adding items to a thrifting list for quite some time and, gosh darn it, I was gonna go hit up the thrift stores. It was a weeknight after work, about 7:15ish and the thrift stores close at 9:00pm. I got this. I can do it.

Check out these awesome finds!!!
some vintage candy dishes (?) for the candy buffet at the wedding. You got it people - we're doing the ever-so trendy candy buffet. It's genius. It's another opportunity to tie in your color and design scheme. Better yet: it's an opportunity to entertain children and adults. People love candy. It's a people pleaser. My Maid of Honor Holly always has a supply of delicious treats in her purse. I have started this habit as well. I have never met a person that doesn't enjoy a sweet treat every once in a while. So, we're having a candy buffet. Found these three beauties at my local Value Village. These will blend in nicely with my collection of fun candy dishes and apothecary jars that we've been working on this past year. Here's our inspiration for the candy buffet:

I was so inspired by a photo that I included in a previous post about succulents, that I decided it would be a charming touch as part of our creative flower/cake stands with cupcakes centerpieces. Here's that photo to help jog your memory:

Every time I go thrifting, there's usually a plethera of these little silver goblets, jars, sugar bowls, creamer thingies, and other fancy containers. Here's my little find from the thrift store...

I figure I can pick up four or five of these babies each time I go thrifiting. Maybe even throw a sliver platter or larger containers in there. Mix it up a little. I would like everything to be very unique. By the time the wedding rolls around, I can plop some dirt in them, stick in a succulent and some river rocks (for flavor) and add them to the tables as part of the centerpieces. I am now seriously considering scratching market flowers at the tables for the cake stands and collections (5-7) of these little charming containers with deliciously wonderful looking succulents. Thoughts? I mean...look at how absolutely darling and charming these centerpieces can be!!!! (...if done right.)

Hmmm...what else did I find? Ohhh! That's right! I found this fabulous beaded purse.for $2.99! I am still amazed at the price. It feels and looks like it was made very well. Nice quality. I did some research. It's a Walborg handbag, vintage. Very very nice quality with a cute little wristlet chain that I can tuck inside the purse should I not want to use it. These babies are going for upwards of $100 depending on the year and quality. SCORE!!! It's an antique gold and will make a charming accessory with my uber-fabulous wedding gown.

I also found an old lacquered handmade wll clock. I took it out to show Trevor and he thought it was cheesy and perfect for his future "MAN CAVE." I then went on to explain that my Grandfather used to invest in wonderful full logs of wood to make these fabulous clocks. They took time and they are absolutely gorges. My parent's have one of my Grandfathers' clocks hanging in their entry way. It's enormous and makes quite the statement. When I saw this little version - I knew I had to have it. It will be great in Trevor's future "Man Cave" and it will always melt my heart just a little when I look at it. :)

I am so excited about last week's finds. I wonder what this week will bring? Have you found anything awesome at the thrift store lately?