A wedding event where you can be a giver....

Working in radio is fun. It's challenging, but it's tons of fun. I have the privilege of working with a wonderfully entertaining combination of different personality types. Another really awesome benefit of working in radio is that I am meeting new people everyday...and I have the benefit of learning about really cool events going on in the Seattle-Tacoma Market.

One event that I have been lucky enough to learn about - and meet with the creators - has been Get Hitched, Give Hope. From their [gorgeously designed] website:

It seems like all good ideas are hatched over a bottle of wine. In late 2007 at a monthly networking event, a lightbulb materialized above our heads- "Wouldn't it be great if we could make an event that would bring members of the local wedding industry together AND raise money for a great cause?" A novel idea, there was nothing like it in our area. Over the next couple of months, Get Hitched, Give Hope was born. To put it plainly:

  • Get Hitched, Give Hope is a 501(c)3 organization that raises money for a carefully chosen charity
  • We throw a yearly event where brides can shop for wedding services and products
  • We spread the word year round, fundraising for our organization and building awareness for the cause we believe in
  • We unify our local Seattle wedding industry by giving business owners an opportunity to give charitably
  • We maximize our net proceeds for our chosen charity by working on a 100% volunteer basis. Every event item and service and every hour of behind the scenes busy work is donated by generous members of our community and organization.
1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer and 1 in 100 breast cancer cases are in men. Over 40,000 men and women will lose their lives to breast cancer this year in America alone; that's 40,000 wishes that we can help to grant. Let's do it.

This year, our goal is to raise $50,000 to grant wishes for stage IV breast cancer patients and their families. It can take $4000 to grant one wish for a small family of 4, let's grant 12!!

We raised an incredible $30,000 at our first event, here is what we we were able to do with your donations:

  • Susan and her family of 8 were able to have one last family vacation in Hawaii
  • Heather and her family of 6 were able to see Mickey Mouse at Disney World
  • Sharon's wish was for her family of 4 to go to Hawaii
  • Together with Brides Against Breast Cancer and The Making Memories Foundation, we granted Lisa's last wish of having her dream wedding in Port Orchard
  • We sent Susan and her son to Key West for one final good-bye.

Please join us to toast to this wonderful cause that celebrates life and love and the fabulous spirit of giving! It’s an evening not to be missed, where the most stylish way to give is to get!

This year's Get Hitched, Give Hope event will take place on Thursday, October 29th at Arctic Club Hotel in downtown Seattle. MOViN 92.5's very own Ladies Room with Brooke and Monti will be emceeing the evening's auction events. More from the event website:

We've decided to throw a really big, swanky-cool party; the kind that gives you an excuse to buy new shoes. We'll have lovely libations and amazing appetizers, live and silent auctions and lots of raffles.

You will truly be able to get gorgeous goods for your wedding by giving back.

Seattle's top wedding professionals have been personally invited to exhibit their services and products with one catch-- they must donate a fantastic item for our silent auction. Together with items donated by Seattle's top businesses, we will raise money for a great cause through silent auctions, raffles, and a final, show-stopping live auction. The items up for grabs are not just limited to pre-wedding prep, day-of services, and newlyweds, there are sure to be some great goods for moms, dads, grooms, and friends!

...You'll totally find time in your social calendar for this.

All photos and quotes are from the official Get Hitched, Give Hope website - used under creative commons. Here's to a most successful event this fall!