Current Obsession: Blue Ball Mason Jars

The photo that started it all:

We're getting married next summer at a farm out in Snohomish, Washington. The farm is super charming...gorgeous gardens...shabby, yet chic, barns...tons of space...fresh air.

The barn is a huge hall with giant wooden doors on each end. We'll have these doors open to keep the air moving throughout the warm summer night. (Keeping fingers crossed...weather Gods...please be on our side!!!) Up against each of the non-door walls of the barn are ledges that can accommodate candles, flowers, twinkle lights...

Today I stopped in at the Kirkland Value Village and found a vintage Blue Ball Mason Jar. Just like in Martha's picture. How much? Only 69 cents. I've been eying these babies for a while on ebay. Sometimes you can find them on craigslit. People charge a ton for these simple jars.

Now I am on a mission. I will hit up every Value Village, St. Vincent de Paul, and Good Will until I have all the mason jars I think I'll need. Who knows when enough will be enough.

Hey - if you have any you'd like to sell or loan - let me know!!!