Update: Painting Pottery

A couple of weekends ago we celebrated my MOH Holly's birthday by painting pottery. We went to the most adorable little pottery shop called Color Me Mine in the Mill Creek Town Center. The owner is fun, spirited, and very helpful.
Here's a reminder of what I painted:
It's a cakestand! I selected the turquoise color. It's so strange painting pottery, because the paint is one color to start...and then after the piece is fired in the kiln, it's a different, more intense color. (In the photos you probably noticed it looks sky-blue...but very light...) On the top of the cakestand I drew our monogram from memory in a very dark brown...with a few artistic interpretations. I felt like the piece was missing something, so I did a row of small dark brown dots along the edge of the piece. I mirrored the dots at the base of the cake stand. On the underside of the cakestand I customized the piece with the date and our names.

I was able to pick up the piece this past Friday and I am so happy with how it turned out! Color Me Mine glazed the piece and fired it in their kiln. It fired to a gorgeous turquoise and the dark brown dots are the perfect accent.

I opted to have the cakestand plate and stand fired separately. All of my other cakestands have the plate and stand adhered together, which makes them diffcult to store. Since I had them fired separately, I can use the plate alone as a platter if I'd like. I just need to remind myself to put items on the plate in even weight when using the stand. I'd hate for it to topple over!

Here's how it turned out:

I am so excited, and Holly said that she's honored, to have this cakestand as part of our wedding. It's special and personalized. What a great keepsake!


...the easy way to make me smile.

Simply Google Image Search: Pronovias Rebecca.

Etsy Wedding Finds!

I couldn't sleep last night. So what's a girl to do? Answer: Play around on Etsy. See what's out there. Here are some of my favorite finds...for both purchase and DIY inspiration!

A while back I wrote about vintage French veiling that I purchased. I intend to craft my own veil. (Worst case - if I fail miserably - one of my dear friends and bridesmaid, Lucy, said I could wear her gorgeous ivory veil as my "something borrowed.") Etsy is a fabulous place to look for inspirational pieces!

I love the shape of this veil by Anne Michelle Heirlooms:
And this gorgeous Ivory Feather Flower Fascinator by Pish Poshes provides a sample photo of how the fascinator would look with a birdcage veil:
The lace detailing would look absolutely perfect with my dress....!

...and this would match my dress absolutely perfectly!!!

This fascinator is absolutely gorge.

...but then again, there are some adorable headbands out there. I love rocking a headband...
I am SOOOOO buying this. It's the ribbon version. I WILL find a time to wear it!

...or maybe should I buy the headband version?

I am also constantly on the hunt for cakestands for our desserts... Mini Pies and Gourmet Doughnuts. (See vendors on right side-bar!) I'm loving the look of the vintage plate handmade stands!

I think that I'll totally be able to make these myself!!

Ahh...Etsy. Thank you so much for your beautiful pictures and wonderful ideas. You inspire me.


What could Vintage English Bone China be for...?


Babysitting Our Ring Bearer

One of my Bridesmaids, Lynnae, has one of the cutest babies in the world. A little bit about Lynnae from our Wedding Website:

Lynnae and Eva met on Craigslist. Trevor and Eva were on the prowl for a new roommate so they posted an add on Craigslist to see what kind of crazies we could shake out of that tree. They figured we could have people over for interviews, check 'em out, make sure they weren't serial killers, and maybe even find a roomie.

Lynnae was the first person Trevor and Eva met with. A carbon copy of Eva. But still different enough that there's plenty of room for great conversation.

What a beautiful world.

Lynnae married one of the most amazing men in the world, Colin, in June 2008. Shortly after, they had this little guy: ...and I love him. He's our ring bearer! He just started walking...practicing for his grand entrance at the wedding, I assume. He's just too cute for words:
...and he loves to talk:

Thank you so much Lynnae and Colin. I love spending time with your little one. He absolutely melts my heart.

Anyone else have baby-fever? :)


Getting In Shape...

I've always been a girl with curves...and I rock them. But, I've probably about 15 pounds curvier that I was when Trev and I met. I've always struggled with keeping a consistent weight, but the wedding has given me the ultimate deadline. I am bound and determined to get in shape before the big day. (Who doesn't feel this way?!) I want to look back at my wedding photos and be happy with everything. The Relentless Bride recently featured the 100 Push Up Challenge, and I am committing to participate. I can just imagine slipping on my wedding dress next July, looking in the mirror, and seeing toned arms, shoulders, and back. That thought makes me happy. A bit about the program:

If you're serious about increasing your strength, follow this six week training program and you'll soon be on your way to completing 100 consecutive push ups!

Think there's no way you could do this? I think you can! All you need is a good plan, plenty of discipline and about 30 minutes a week to achive this goal!

No doubt some of you can already do 50 consecutive push ups, but let's face it, you're in a big minority. Most of you reading this won't even be able to manage 20 push ups. Actually, I'm sure many of you can't even do 10.

However, it really doesn't matter which group you fall into. If you follow the progressive push ups training program, I'm positive you'll soon be able to do 100 push ups!

The beautiful thing about push ups? You don't need a gym membership to do them... and you don't have to brave the cooollllldddddd winter weather to do them either! I could do this during commercial breaks while watching TV. FABULOUS!!! The program even has a cool iPhone app. I'm starting this weekend.


Painting Pottery & Laughing...

My Maid of Honor, Holly, celebrated her 26th Birthday this past Saturday. I've been friends with Holls forever....

A little snippit from our wedding website:

Holly and Eva met in 7th grade on the school bus to Junior High. Their friendship grew slightly as they learned that Tessa was friends with both of them...and their friendship really kicked into gear when they both got their first jobs at Cinnabon. That's right folks...Holly and Eva worked at Cinnabon. There were plenty of talks, while sitting on icing bins reading gossip mags and eating chips, between the two of the girls. All of the "important talks". Holly and Eva are like Lucy and Ethel. Watch out. ;)
When I asked Holls what she wanted to do for her birthday this year...she simply said, "I want to paint pottery and laugh." And that's what we did.

During the day, Holly, her sister-in-law, Mama, and I went and painted pottery:


Holly and her SIL

Holly's Mama


I decided to paint a cakestand to use...

I'll post pics of the finished product next week!

Santa Came to visit

Later that night, Holly, Darren (her boyfriend), Trev, and I went Parlor Live in Bellevue for some comedy... I laughed so hard my face hurt.
Happy Birthday Holls! I love you!!!

Wedding Guest List Spreadsheet

Please let me know if you'd like a master copy of my spreadsheet template and I'll send it your way! Just leave a comment with your email address and become a follower of the blog!

There are multiple tabs available. The first page is the “Master Guest List” where you'd put everyone’s info. We have multiple wedding events (bach party, showers, a cocktail night, rehearsal, and the actual wedding), so there are areas where you can check who is invited to each event. (I did this just to see the big picture…) I created the other pages so that it would be easy to provide info to everyone that is planning different events…so my MOH will receive the bachelorette party and shower pages, my fiancĂ©’s best man will receive the bachelor party page, my MIL will receive the MIL Shower and rehearsal page, and my mom will receive the cocktail page.

Happy Monday! e.

Our Wedding Bands

Trevor and I have done a ton of thinking and talking about our wedding bands. He works as an HVAC Technician and his hands get super beat up during the day. (When his hands look dirty, they're usually clean....they're just a mess from his job!) Trev has expressed concern about his wedding band catching on a pair of snips or some sort of equipment....and he's afraid it could be dangerous.

So, we have a plan.

About a month before the wedding, we're going to go and get tattoos. He is thinking about getting a simple black band around his ring finger, the same width as a traditional ring. I am thinking about getting a simple, small half ring (just the top of my ring finger) tattoo of our wedding date, 7.17.10, in Roman numerals. (VII.XVII.X) We still, however, would like to have wedding bands. There are a few reasons for this:
  1. We would like to have wedding bands for the wedding ceremony.
  2. Later in life, Trevor might decide that he wants to wear his wedding band all the time. I would hate for him to have to go out and buy a ring after the fact...why not have a gorgeous, simple, gold band in our jewelry box at home ready and waiting for him to wear?!
Here are some different pics we've been looking to for inspiration:
Source Unknown! :(

Source Unknown! :(

Source Unknown! :(

Source Unknown! :(

We're still purchasing simple, gold bands for the ceremony. Granted, the wedding band will not match my white hold engagement ring, nor will I be able to wear both at the same time. This doesn't bother me....and as far as I know, it doesn't bother Trev. I'll have the luxury of being able to:
  1. Rock my white gold engagement ring...
  2. Rock my simple gold wedding band...
  3. OR...Rock my tattoo.

Here's a pic of the engagement ring (yes, I know...cheesy myspace photo....):

After tons of thought, Trev and I decided that we really love the simple, 14k gold rings. My parents have simple gold rings...they're beautiful. Traditional. Here are some rings I've been drooling over for our wedding bands:
Sea Baby Jewelry on Etsy

Fabuluster on Etsy

This ring is super cool too...it's made the rounds on a few blogs but it's just too interesting to not post!!!
Fabuluster on Etsy

The creator explains the ring and creation process:
Searching for a truly unique wedding band? Tired of finding the same plain bands or designs that just come from a catalog? This is just what you were looking for. It is many things: unique, sentimental, custom, heirloom quality crafted, and you are completely involved in the making process.

I send you my Impression Kit in the mail. Once you receive it, imprint the entire length of your finger and/or your fiancés finger separately. Then you mail that back to me. Once I receive it here in my studio in beautiful coastal Maine, I make a wax form from the impression material. Then utilizing the ancient lost wax casting process, I turn that impression into a metal ring utilizing gold or silver.

Maybe some day this ring gets passed down to your children- a family heirloom for sure. How romantic! Your lover touching you, holding your finger, always with you.
Super sweet.

So, that's where we stand with rings. Pretty nontraditional...but I love our ideas, and I think Trevor does too...and at the end of the day, that's what matters.