Marry Monograms!!!

I've been posting a ton about our monograms that my coworker/friend, Sigrid, designed for Trev and I. I think that her service is deserving of a post. (This isn't a paid sponsor post, people. I just love my Siggy.) Check out Marry Monograms. For only $39.95 you can have your own monogram!!! It's a sweet deal. There's tons of options available...
...and they're all great. :) Here are ours again:

Just think of all the UH-MAZE-ING things you can do with a monogram?!?
  • STDs
  • Invitations
  • Personalized labels
  • Gift tags
  • Address labels
  • Wedding cake design
  • Dance floor and lighting effects...
  • Clothing...
So do it. Check out my friends at Marry Monograms. :)