DIY Project: Save the Dates

It's December. IT'S DECEMBER!!! I am so happy. I love December. I love Christmas music, trees, decorations....and I love Christmas cards! Trev and I do Christmas cards every year, and this year we're putting our Save the Dates in with our Christmas cards. My Matron of Honor, Tessa, and I got together late on Tuesday night to hammer out all of the Save the Dates. My friend and coworker, Sigrid, designed everything for us.... and I handled all of the printing. ...and I couldn't be happier with the end result!

About the STDs: I found some cards at Paper Zone that were 50% off a few months ago. I decided that, since they were such a great deal, I'd snatch them up. They weren't exactly what I had imagined for our STDs...but at half off, I couldn't be picky. I wanted the STDs to be cute AND functional - so I decided to create little stickers that guests can peel off the STD and put on their calendars at home, work, etc.

To start, I printed little stickers with our monogram and wedding date on round labels:

Then, I embossed the front of the card:
I printed our message on the inside of the card and Sigird was awesome and left room for the stickers: Tessa and I used AWESOME double sided tape like this: We put the tape on the back of the row of stickers... ...and adhered them to each card. 164 STDs later....and we're done! Now all Trev and I need to do is sign each Christmas card. I'll do all of the addressing. :) YAY!!!