Our Wedding Bands

Trevor and I have done a ton of thinking and talking about our wedding bands. He works as an HVAC Technician and his hands get super beat up during the day. (When his hands look dirty, they're usually clean....they're just a mess from his job!) Trev has expressed concern about his wedding band catching on a pair of snips or some sort of equipment....and he's afraid it could be dangerous.

So, we have a plan.

About a month before the wedding, we're going to go and get tattoos. He is thinking about getting a simple black band around his ring finger, the same width as a traditional ring. I am thinking about getting a simple, small half ring (just the top of my ring finger) tattoo of our wedding date, 7.17.10, in Roman numerals. (VII.XVII.X) We still, however, would like to have wedding bands. There are a few reasons for this:
  1. We would like to have wedding bands for the wedding ceremony.
  2. Later in life, Trevor might decide that he wants to wear his wedding band all the time. I would hate for him to have to go out and buy a ring after the fact...why not have a gorgeous, simple, gold band in our jewelry box at home ready and waiting for him to wear?!
Here are some different pics we've been looking to for inspiration:
Source Unknown! :(

Source Unknown! :(

Source Unknown! :(

Source Unknown! :(

We're still purchasing simple, gold bands for the ceremony. Granted, the wedding band will not match my white hold engagement ring, nor will I be able to wear both at the same time. This doesn't bother me....and as far as I know, it doesn't bother Trev. I'll have the luxury of being able to:
  1. Rock my white gold engagement ring...
  2. Rock my simple gold wedding band...
  3. OR...Rock my tattoo.

Here's a pic of the engagement ring (yes, I know...cheesy myspace photo....):

After tons of thought, Trev and I decided that we really love the simple, 14k gold rings. My parents have simple gold rings...they're beautiful. Traditional. Here are some rings I've been drooling over for our wedding bands:
Sea Baby Jewelry on Etsy

Fabuluster on Etsy

This ring is super cool too...it's made the rounds on a few blogs but it's just too interesting to not post!!!
Fabuluster on Etsy

The creator explains the ring and creation process:
Searching for a truly unique wedding band? Tired of finding the same plain bands or designs that just come from a catalog? This is just what you were looking for. It is many things: unique, sentimental, custom, heirloom quality crafted, and you are completely involved in the making process.

I send you my Impression Kit in the mail. Once you receive it, imprint the entire length of your finger and/or your fianc├ęs finger separately. Then you mail that back to me. Once I receive it here in my studio in beautiful coastal Maine, I make a wax form from the impression material. Then utilizing the ancient lost wax casting process, I turn that impression into a metal ring utilizing gold or silver.

Maybe some day this ring gets passed down to your children- a family heirloom for sure. How romantic! Your lover touching you, holding your finger, always with you.
Super sweet.

So, that's where we stand with rings. Pretty nontraditional...but I love our ideas, and I think Trevor does too...and at the end of the day, that's what matters.