The "Plus One" Worry

Since we've finished our STDs...I've had a little anxiety. When Trev and I created our guest list, we went through it with both of our Moms and said... "Ok. These people will come. These people won't come, but they'd probably like an invite. These people might come." We over estimated a bit...I have a ton of family in Germany (my Mother's entire side...) and Trev has a ton of family in Illinois.... we anticipate that some will make the trip, but don't expect everyone to. Traveling is expensive! Especially if you're coming from Germany...

Our Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet is huge. I love spreadsheets, don't get me wrong. I love organizing things into rows...creating formulas...color coding things. But this spreadsheet forces me to take Imodium every time I work on it. If every single person came to the wedding that we invited, including President Barak Obama and his family (lol), we'd have around 320 guests. This isn't a problem... our venue holds over 300 people for events that are open to the outdoors. The problem is.....is that we're shooting for about 200-220 guests. Thankfully, with our spreadsheet, we anticipate about 220 people to RSVP "yes"...and I think that it will be less than that.

We have already gone through and added "+1" for a bunch of our friends. We want people to have a great time - and have a buddy by their side while they're celebrating with us! My biggest fear is that the people who we didn't add "+1" to...will RSVP with a "+1."

How do we handle this? I guess we have a ton of time....we're just getting ready to send our our STDs and we'll be sending out international invites late winter and local invites in the spring.

I'm just anxious. I guess this is normal. Is this fear normal?
.....where's my Imodium?!??!?