Update: Painting Pottery

A couple of weekends ago we celebrated my MOH Holly's birthday by painting pottery. We went to the most adorable little pottery shop called Color Me Mine in the Mill Creek Town Center. The owner is fun, spirited, and very helpful.
Here's a reminder of what I painted:
It's a cakestand! I selected the turquoise color. It's so strange painting pottery, because the paint is one color to start...and then after the piece is fired in the kiln, it's a different, more intense color. (In the photos you probably noticed it looks sky-blue...but very light...) On the top of the cakestand I drew our monogram from memory in a very dark brown...with a few artistic interpretations. I felt like the piece was missing something, so I did a row of small dark brown dots along the edge of the piece. I mirrored the dots at the base of the cake stand. On the underside of the cakestand I customized the piece with the date and our names.

I was able to pick up the piece this past Friday and I am so happy with how it turned out! Color Me Mine glazed the piece and fired it in their kiln. It fired to a gorgeous turquoise and the dark brown dots are the perfect accent.

I opted to have the cakestand plate and stand fired separately. All of my other cakestands have the plate and stand adhered together, which makes them diffcult to store. Since I had them fired separately, I can use the plate alone as a platter if I'd like. I just need to remind myself to put items on the plate in even weight when using the stand. I'd hate for it to topple over!

Here's how it turned out:

I am so excited, and Holly said that she's honored, to have this cakestand as part of our wedding. It's special and personalized. What a great keepsake!