Vintage 1920s French Veiling What?!??

Today Tessa, Holly, and I went to look at bridesmaid dresses. We had already found their dresses, but wanted to make sure that they had them at the shop where everyone will be ordering their dresses. (Since we're doing different dresses, but same fabric, they need to come from the same dye lot or they'll look "off...") Sure enough, they had the dresses. Measured. Done. Deal.

Holly is wearing above dress just how looks in the photo. Tessa is having the dress altered to be strapless. Both versions are absolutely darling and they'll both look and feel gorgeous. Mission accomplished.

I thought this type of style would look amazing...
This is kinda cute....
This is absolutely adorable...
I bet Lucy would look AWESOME in this.
Another cute one. So many choices!!!

Dresses: All
Bill Levkoff

Holly had a special dinner date (introducing the new boyfriend to the parents!!!) so she had to go... Tessa and I decided to go on the hunt for vintage veiling to make a birdcage veil.

And then we found it. A shop with vintage veiling. I just about died.

Vintage 1920s French Veiling......What?!?? I found the most amazing veiling to make my birdcage veil.

I am a happy girl today.