Current Obsession: Hangers.....Really?!?

I know. Hangers. What am I thinking?! Maybe it's because of photos like these:

Dress: Margot by Michelle Roth
Bride: snmcdowell on Wedding Bee

Dress: Pronovias
Bride: Mrs. Petunia on Wedding Bee
Dress: Oleg Cassini

Just look at the gorgeous dresses...on hangers. You always look at the hanger. Well... I know I always look at the hanger.

Is it padded? Is it made of wood? Is it customized in some way? Is it one of those department store style hangers?

Maybe I'm crazy.

I don't know.

But....I know that there are other women out there that feel the same way that I do about the hanger.

Just look at these:
Here's the photo "HOW TO":
Source: Unknown.
Please help! I saved these on my computer eons ago.

*click to enlarge - it's worth it*
April Foster Events

Bride: MrsGG on Project Wedding
Photographer: Jonilyn Photography


Another item.......added to the list.