Just so you know....

Earlier this summer, Kiss The Groom & Green Wedding Shoes both featured a two totally different weddings with the same fun photo guestbook idea.



Is totally happening at our wedding... With some "alterations." We'd like to do a fun photo booth and post all of the pictures on a photo sharing website so guests have a fun picture for their memory collection. Click here to see my inspiration. I love this idea. I will change the design of the backdrop wall though. I'm thinking more antiqued white. White chair rail with white beaded wood underneath with a fun teal paint or vintage wallpaper. Then all of the frames will be "shabby-chic", painted white and distressed. Inside the frames, we would like to honor our families by showcasing black and white prints of wedding photos. So, I will be on the hunt for old family wedding photos...that should be a fun project! (Family - If you are reading this, please feel free to email me any family wedding photos! evamwacker@gmail.com!) The large frames will be ornate and painted white as well.

This is a great project for the h2b. (aka Hubby to Be.) We can spend a day on a weekend building, painting, and decorating! Well, I know that we can do the building and painting part together, not too sure if I can keep his attention for the decorating part. Unless, of course, if the decor theme was NASCAR, Seahawks, or golf oriented.

What kinds of projects are you and your significant other working on together?