"She said yes!"

DMB @ The Gorge - 8.29.08
Press play. This song is the perfect soundtrack to our story. :)

In the end of August 2006, Eva and Trevor went to see Dave Matthews Band at The Gorge. This is Eva's "happy place." Only good things happen at DMB. Eva had tickets, thought Trevor was fun (and adorable) and invited him away for a weekend of fun, adventure, and amazing music. That weekend Eva & Trevor fell in love.
...Jump forward to August 2008.

Eva and Trevor left for their annual trip to see DMB at The Gorge...a weekend to celebrate their love, laugh, and live life like they had no responsibilities whatsoever. We set up camp at our regular spot at Getty's Cove - and just so happened to be camping by a group of boys Eva graduated with. We played Frisbee, had some beers with the guys, and set up camp.
A couple of hours before sunset, we decided it was time to leave and head to The Gorge to see the first of three amazing shows... On the way, Trevor asked Eva if she wanted to stop off at the Wild Horses Monument and check out the view. Eva had spent the 2006 and 2007 DMB weekends begging Trevor to stop here...so she immediately jumped at the opportunity. They arrived at the viewpoint, parked, and got out of the car. Eva and Trevor walked around - spent time enjoying the amazing view and calming sound of the wind blowing through the Columbia River Gorge together.
Then things got uncomfortable.
Eva knew something was going to happen.
Trevor threw his hands up in the air and said, "I've just got to do this now - it's killing me!"
He got down on one knee.
What he said, Eva will never completely remember. She laughed, she screamed...and yes...she may have cussed. (All out of complete and utter joy, of course.)
Trevor proposed marriage. Eva said "YES!!!"
And the newly engaged left for the concert, ready to celebrate their engagement for the rest of the weekend with friends - old and new.

"She said yes!"
After the four day weekend, Eva and Trevor came home to Bothell. Eva ran into her parent's home screaming, "We're getting married!!!" ...only to find that Trevor had arranged for The Wackers and The Riebs to meet and celebrate together. The two families sat together and, over a bottle of delicious wine courtesy of The Riebs, celebrated the great news.