Mind-Change: Jewelry

Trevor and I have been engaged since August 2008, which means I've been taking mental wedding planning notes since August 2007. :) I have not strayed far from my original concepts, but recently made one change.


I have a very soft spot in my heart for Sorrelli Jewelry. Chandeliers for the ears. Gorgeous heirloom pieces. New with a vintage spin. They have TONS of options. Simple. Elaborate. Charming. Daunting. Statement pieces. Accent pieces. Probably just about anything and everything you could think of, in just about any color combination.

My thought was, I could get each of my girls a Sorrelli necklace and earrings. They'd all be the same style, just different colors to compliment their shoe color or their individual personality. Just a little special touch. Like this: And that I could wear something a little more true to bridal form, but still on the funky side: Sorrelli

...And then we started working and reworking and revising the living, breathing, walking, talking document I like to call my nemesis...and WE like to call the BUDGET. The more and more I think about it, the more I think I would appreciate a piece of jewelry that I can wear after the wedding. As gorgeous and amazing as the Sorrelli piece is, I won't be able to wear it to work or to a girls night dinner. That Sorrelli piece is something for special occasions. Period.

Which brings me to my decision...the all time, Audrey Hepburn classic: Pearls. They never go out of style. They're always appropriate. Each and every girl in the world should have a set of real, simple, classic pearls. It's the perfect gift.
Pearls Only

I am pretty pumped about the pearls. My mother has a beautiful set of pearls that she was given when she was young, probably around my age. Last year she brought them to a local jeweler who restrung them, taking the time to tie a small knot in between each perfect little natural freshwater pearl.

So...the jewelry and the dress have been the two areas so far that I've strayed from my original concept. (But........they both still have a very vintage feel.)

Are there any areas in your planning where you've changed your mind time and time again?